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Updated: Mar 11

I wonder why we think anyone with lots of wrinkles must be wise? I've known many older characters who would certainly disprove that theory. Having said that, elephants have that whole moving slowly thing going on, adding to the impression of great meditative thoughts in process.

Anyway I love them. They tie in first place with horses as my favourite animals. Although the duck billed platypus does deserve an honourable mention. They look like a combo of the left over parts after all the other animals have been made. Plus they produce both eggs and milk so can make their own custard.

So, here is the latest in the AnimalTalk series. And don't worry, I'm sure Raccoon-Lizards don't really exist. In any case, volcanoes are really hard to get out of.

Wolves look intimidating, but also as if someone has knitted them, so it's confusing.

When I was young we had an old english sheepdog - all chunky knit, no threat. Emma was lovely, she used to try and copy our smiles. One very hot day, I got home to find that mother had given her a haircut. I found poor Em hiding under the table, staring out at me with a look between embarrassment and mortification. It was as if someone had taken a bucket load of hallucinogenics and drawn the curtains before picking up the scissors.

Here is the latest in the AnimalTalk series.

8"x10" including mount, ready to frame.

AnimalTalk - click here

Giraffes. Who designed them? If you believe in a divine creator, then this is proof she has a wild sense of humour. My suspicion is that evolution is occasionally randomly ludicrous and tequila is involved. Also, apparently giraffes are bi-sexual, which makes them even more interesting.

So this is the next in the AnimalTalk series, called 'Hanging by a Thread'.

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