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A belated thank you to all at Landmark Art Fair last weekend - the hard working staff, fellow artists, visitors, and all those lovely humans who bought from me.

The only post fair thing I have left to do is go out and wash my car - I had to park it under one of those sticky trees during the event. Half expecting to find two medium-sized children and a cat struggling to free themselves from the bonnet.

This is my next fair. Friday, 19th-Sunday 21st May, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington TW11 9NN.

I've been an admirer of this fair and the Landmark Arts Centre for quite a while. This will be the first time I've exhibited here though. Gorgeous historic location in a former church, high curated standard of art, and just the right size for an art fair, not to big. Plenty of choice and range but still feels personal. Sometimes you can lose the will to live with huge events and endless exhibitors. The will to live saps away and you end up in a coffee shop staring blankly into the middle distance with your mouth slightly open.

Also Teddington Lock is just a step away, very picturesque, good for a lockside walk, or lunch/ coffee/fermented fruit juice at one of the riverside pubs. They're all good, I've done extensive research into this.

Well, this blog is a tad late as this fair was 27 April-1 May, but things have been a bit hectic, so its a retrospective instead. Anyhoo, it was a great event. Wisley Gardens are lovely and it was such a treat to exhibit in such beautiful surroundings. There was only one night when it rained heavily, and our marquee was a bit temporarily soggy in the morning. Otherwise it was a lovely 5 days. A drily witty friend texted me in response to this news, "Yes, the problem with outside events is that they are outside. They really should be inside instead..." Nah, I love a marquee...

Many many visitors, all of who to my stand were interesting, funny, generous. Thanks to all those who bought from me.

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