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Giraffes. Who designed them? If you believe in a divine creator, then this is proof she has a wild sense of humour. My suspicion is that evolution is occasionally randomly ludicrous and tequila is involved. Also, apparently giraffes are bi-sexual, which makes them even more interesting.

So this is the next in the AnimalTalk series, called 'Hanging by a Thread'.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I took part in this fair a week ago, so this is more of a post event analysis/catch up.

Held at Epsom Racecouse, overlooking Epsom Downs. As a child I lived near-ish to the Downs and remember them as gorgeous. Yep, still gorgeous. Also it was bursting with sunshine and hotness that weekend, unusual for October. I caught up with fellow artist friends, met some lovely new ones, and had interesting conversations with visitors. Many laughs were had.

It's funny, but I can't quite make myself do the red dot thing at events. This is the general practice of placing a red dot on the label of sold work on your stand. Somehow feels like boasting. Ridiculous, I am aware, but not sure I will ever conquer this. To steal a phrase from my school biology teacher, it may be an "irredeemable defect". She mostly used to say that about me, as I was quite the rebel at school, but that's another story.

Anyway, next fair will be Spitalfields Art Market 3-5 November.

Updated: Jan 23

Some joyful dancing. This painting will get its first outing @ArtSurrey, Epsom Racecourse 6-8 October.

Normally painting dancing figures brings out my own inner dancer, but it's been far too hot for that. Never mind, experts tell us just imagining doing strenuous exercise for a sustained period actually physically improves our muscle tone. Result.

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