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I didn't used to like Cheetahs - their tiny heads freaked me out. However many years ago in South Africa we visited an animal reserve and I went into an enclosure with some cheetahs.

They were adorable, affectionate and playful. I grew up with large dogs so was relaxed with rough and tumble playing, much to the surprise of the keepers, who kept a close eye as they jumped all over and around me. However, I would advise anyone to avoid being licked by a cheetah. Nearly removed the top layer of skin from my arm.

For more info on this artwork go to Shop Illustration Art/AnimalTalk

Yes, yes, I'm a bit late with the New Year thing, but hope you all saw it in exactly as you wanted to. Oh, and don't bother with New Year resolutions.. it will only end in bitterness and self recrimination. Just be kind and generous to others, and to yourself.

Updated: Jan 12

The Affordable Art Fair is back this Spring. I love this Gallery-only fair. The standard of art is varied and high, and it is set in beautiful Battersea Park.

I'm delighted that the lovely JonaQuestArt Gallery will be showing some of my figurative work. JonaQuestArt is a wonderfully eclectic Gallery, showcasing stunning African art, vibrant abstracts and figurative works.

Do contact me for complementary tickets. First come first served

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