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I was in a particularly good mood one day when I began randomly doodling while on the phone.   My doodles often amount to indecipherable nonsense, but are nevertheless  best kept away from psychiatric professionals.  However,  on this occasion, I saw the beginnings of a dancing couple radiating happiness.  After  much experimentation with colour, the  images emerged below. When  life gets annoying,  they help keep you in touch with your happy place.


Limited Edition of  50. 

Size: 30 x 42cm (A3).    


With mount only  - £60    excl. p&p

I no longer offer a framed option as posting glass was a bit like handing a Ming vase to a hippopotamus - not likely to end well.

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Copyright Joanna Loftus

Happy I

Copyright Joanna Loftus

Happy II

Copyright Joanna Loftus

Happy III

Copyright Joanna Loftus

Joy I

Copyright Joanna Loftus

Joy II

Copyright Joanna Loftus