We Are Rainbows

Coming out of my front door today I was greeted as usual by a tabby cat sitting on the wall, staring menacingly at me like a knitted harbinger of impending doom. He's always there. I've toyed with the idea of training CCTV on that spot to see if he ever moves, or looks relaxed, but it has been pointed out to me that this would be obsessive and weird. However, I did wave and smile today. He looked momentarily nonplussed while still radiating menace. Multi-tasking. Impressive. Lack of opposable thumbs is the only reason cats don't rule the world.

Continuing the 'We Are Rainbows' collection. A celebration of the unique combination of qualities, talents and gifts that make up each one of us. The 'We Are Rainbows' collection will be on display at Spitalfields Art Market 5-7 November and 3-5 December.

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