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AnimalTalk: Sometimes

Updated: Feb 28

Raccoons look wonderfully comical. However, they are apparently destructive, possessive, and can be very aggressive. On the other hand, they are also known for their intelligence. There's probably a raccoon behind the bins somewhere reading The Collected Works of Jean-Paul Sartre and stroking its chin thoughtfully.

This next offering in the AnimalTalk series will get its first outing at The Spitalfields Art Market next weekend Fri 30 June - Sun 2nd July (Crispin Place, London E1). I love this market. It is a really buzzing market with a great atmosphere, and I am in company with many talented friendly artists. My stand is also in close proximity to a Crosstown luxury bagel stand.... I think my sensible eating period may be coming to an end.

8"x10" print on luxury art paper with warm white mount, ready for a frame of your choice.


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